Desi Cow

A2 Desi Cow Milk

Our native breed cows are original cows that produce very healthy milk. It's next to our mother. That's why our ancestors cosindered these cows as mothers and worshiped them. These native breed cows produce milk that contains high in beta-casein protein also known as A2 protein.

Desi Cow Milk

Why A2 Milk?

Our ancestors always consumed our native breed A2 cow milk and milk products. They lived lived longer. Over the period we lost our native breed cows for high milk producing Jersey/HF cows. However, milk products from native cows are far suprior and contributes to good health and happiness.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits A2 Desi Cow Milk

A2 Desi Cow milk is very high in beta-casein A2 protein. It improves our immune system to fight against disorders like lactos intolerance, stomach ulcer, gastric probems, joint pains, obesity, hair fall, etc. It's improves brain development and memory. Panchagavya from desi cows also fights cancer.

Forest Grazed

From Forest Grazed Cows

Cows are meant to be roaming around in the forest or open grazing field. The hump on the cow absorbs sun rays from sun light and converts it to gold in the milk and gomutra. Our cows also graze natural grass and herbs in the forest that have medicinal values and produces high quality milk.

Native breeds

Our Native Breed Cows

Majority of our cows are natives breeds of Karnataka such as Hallikar, Malnad Gidda, Amritmahal, and Deoni. We also have few Gir and Kangrej cows. These native breed cows mostly graze in the forest and milked only once. Due to bioclimatice zone they live in they produce high quality milk.

Quality and Service

Our Quality and Service Promise

We have quality experts end-to-end to make sure our A2 desi cow milk and milk products are of highest standards. We give you fresh and raw milk without any processing. We also make high quality Curd, Ghee, Paneer and Buttermilk and get them home delivered in Bangalore.

Our Desi Cow Products

We just don't leave you with A2 Desi Cow Milk. Malnad offers you with many A2 Desi Cow Dairy products so that you can live complete A2 life.