About Us

Our Objective

We, at Malnad Milk, are committed to help farmers to run sustainable dairy farm and revive desi cow based dairy and organic farming.

We are very passionate about serving pure, natural and top quality A2 Desi Cow Dairy Products to our customers.

All Malnad Desi cow products are naturally produced without any chemicals or animal ingredients. All our cows are naturally graced in the forest or free range for good health of cows and to produce fine quality milk. We do not process the milk to retain original nutritional content in the milk. We do not compromise on the quality. We make sure our milk is not adulterated in any form. We maintain very high standard to produce clean and quality milk.

Farm to Home

One of our main objectives is to bring fresh dairy products to your home directly from our farms. You will have peace of mind.

Always Fresh

We are committed to provide you with fresh A2 Desi Cow Milk, Curd, Ghee, Paneer, Buttermilk, Cow Dung Cake and Gomutra.


All our dairy products are always fresh and we don't process it in any form. Whatever mother cow gives it's given to you as is.


We promise to bring you adulteration free, completely fresh and natural dairy products. We have end-to-end quality checks in place.

Promote Desi Cows

Our native breed cow population has come down drastically. We are working farmers to increase desi cow population and promote desi cow products.

Promote Organic Farming

Desi Cows are integral part of Organic Farming. Natural fertilizers from Cowdung and Cow Curine are essential in sustainable organic farmig.

Our Team

Malnad Desi Cow products are proudly presented by Vrindavan Milk team that produces farm fresh organic dairy products.