Raw Desi Cow Urine - Gomutra

Desi Cow Urine
Desi Cow

Gomutra from Pure Desi Cows

Gomutra (Cow urine) from desi cows is an excellent purifier. It's a Gods's gift. No wonder Gomutra is used from ancient times to purify house and in various types of poojas and also used in ayurvedic medicine to cure many diseases. Carbolic acid in the cow urine is the main element that contains cleansing properties.

Desi Cow Urine

Uses of Gomutra

Gomutra is extensively used in many ways as per our Vedic tradtion. It's used as purfier to purify the house or environment. It is used in various types of poojas. Purified or distilled Gomutra is consumed by humans to cure various diseases. It is also used as natural fertilizer as it contains rich natural urea and many types of minerals and enzymes.


For Your Spiritual Needs

Gomutra can be sprinked in the house to ward off evil efects during Gruhapravesha ceremony. It's also used to clean and purify the house after Theetu (a period after birth or death). It's used in many types of Poojas, Homas (havan), etc.


Organic Fertilizer

Gomutra contains 2.5% of urea, 2.5% mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes. It is an excellent source of nutrient to plants. Gomutra mixed with right proportion (1:5 ratio) of water can be given to your home garden plants to promote faster growth organically without any chemicals.


Organic Pesticide

If you're looking for organic and eco-friendly solution to protect your home garden plants, Gomutra in combination with Neem Oil can be an excellent pesticide. Prepare solution with 1 liter Gomutra, 50-100ml Neem Oil, and 5 liters of water and spray on your plants, vegetables, flowers, and trees to give complete protection from pests and fungus.


Eco-Friendly Germicide

Gomutra is a powerful antidote and germicide. It kills germs and gives complete protection from diseases caused germs. Gomutra can be used as a floor cleaner. Mix Gomutra in the water and mop your house completely. It kills germs and keeps your house and evironment clean. The best part is it's eco-friendly and safe for children.



Gomutra is rich in minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes. It fights many skin related ailments. It helps heal the wounds faster, acts as hair conditioner, heals athlete foot diseases. Gomutra can be mixed in water while bathing. It helps cleaning the body and awakens the conciousness for energetic life style.


Ayurvedic Medicine

As per Ayurveda Gomutra from Indian breed cows produces antibodies against disease causing organisms. It improves immunity to fight and cure many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, TB. It also helps cure acidity, obesity, respiratory illness, urinary disorders, and skin diseases. It also helps improve blood circulation.

Distilled Cow Urine

Distilled Gomutra

This Raw Gomutra is not recommended for human consumption unless it is consumed within 10-15 minutes from collecting it. Distilled Gomutra (Gomutra Ark) is better for human consumption which is more safe and has longer shelf life. However, Raw Goutra can be used for all above purposes.


INGREDIENTS Pure and Raw Desi Cow Urine (Gomutra)
COW BREEDS Gir, Kangrej
SHELF LIFE 3 months
SIZE 500ml
STORAGE Store in room temperature
PRICE 500ml - ₹20.00
1 liter - ₹35.00
USES Spiritual needs, fertilizer, pesticide, germicide
HUMAN INTAKE This is not safe for human intake. Distilled Gomutra (Go Arka) is better and safe for human intake. We don't have Distilled Gomutra available yet. It will be launched soon.


House Purification

Sprinkling Cow Urine

Take raw Gomutra and sprinkle it on the floor and objects in the house. It purifies atmosphere and wards off evil effects.

Liquid Fertilizer for Your Garden

Liquid Fertilizer

Mix 1 liter of Gomutra in 5 liters of water and pour it to the roots of your plants and trees. Natural urea and minerals in Gomutra boost plant growth.

Pesticide for Your Plants


Mix 1 liter of Gomutra, 50ml Neem Oil, 10ml Natural Liquid Soap, and 5 liters of Water and spray on plants once a week to repel pests and fungus.

Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Mix 1 liters of Gomutra, 3 tablets of Camphor (crushed), and 5 liters of Water. Mop floor with this solution. It kills germs. It's Eco-Friendly and Safe.

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